All Good Things (Director: Andrew Jarecki) 2010 (15)

Ryan Gosling plays real-life Robert Durst, an American real estate heir who is currently awaiting trial for the murder of his friend Susan Berman. With the film coming out in 2010, the developments of Durst's arrest in 2015 for Susan's murder is not covered but we are given an intriguing insight into the complicated life he led - it's an ambiguous movie, well acted, yet ultimately it goes nowhere. We're not sure what it's trying to tell us or what conclusions we are to draw about Durst. It's a little pointless.
Durst marries student Katie McCarthy (Kirsten Dunst) in the 70s, and his controlling relationship with her is slowly revealed. It's an interesting role for Gosling to choose, and he plays it strong as the marriage spirals out of control. There's some powerful moments as he forces Katie into an abortion, and assaults her to take her home from a family party. And then one day, Katie disappears without a trace.
We then have her family's search for her, juxtaposed with Durst's new identity and location. We move into the third act where he befriends an apartment neighbour who is at threat of eviction. There's a move towards mutual help for each other. And his long term friend Susan comes into play.
At 101 minutes, one feels the story could actually do with more time to be told. It's not often we say that, but the complex character of Durst could have been explored in greater detail and with a better vision of the 'story'.
3/5 watch out for the shovel