Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) Director: J.J. Abrams (12A)

J.J, you are the - director - we've been looking for. From the initial excitement of John Williams' opening score and credits (as the Twin Peaks giant would say - IT IS HAPPENING AGAIN) through to our first glimpse of new droid bleepthrob BB-8 and Oscar Issac's best pilot in the galaxy Poe Dameron, we're back in our childhoods - back in the Mos Eisley Cantina, back on Tatooine and back to thinking this is the BEST BLOODY THING EVER. Nostalgia and pulses contained, does The Force Awakens stand up on its own legs? You bet, kid.
We're whisked into a great sci-fi movie which has us cheering for the young leads - an incredible Daisy Ridley (Rey), in her first major film role and the talented John Boyega as Finn. Their interaction is believable and they bounce off each other naturally, but perhaps not as closely as the bromance between Boyega and Isaac's Dameron. It's TOO cute for words. As a new origins story, the set-up is delivered well and takes us on a quest to find many old friends. As the villain of the piece, Adam Driver's Kylo Ren is a major badass; a million times more threatening than Darth Maul, his emo trantrums and stroppy lightsaber freak outs are a joy to watch.
If there is a weak element to the film, we're sorrrrrrry Han Solo (Harrison Ford). It's 'nice' to see Han and Leia (Carrie Fisher) back, but this again harps to our nostalgia cuddles. After the line 'Chewie, we're home' is delivered and us audience of a certain age stop hyperventilating about our childhood memories, Han's a bit of a spare part and his scenes are, well, dull. It's a bit like The Best Exotic Millennium Falcon Ride* It's also a shame that Gwendoline Christie's much hyped Captain Phasma doesn't get much screen time either but Boba Fett didn't really have much in Empire, did he?
Technically, we're looking at a beautiful movie full of action and an emotive storyline which is setting up our future lead stars. J.J.'s done well and it's a faithful film that Star Wars fans will love - there's some great nods to the first triology as well as a plethera of funny new creatures. It'll also appeal if you haven't seen any of the movies (we won't judge you, but please go to your cinema. Now. Thanks)
4/5 BB-8 LOLs
*sorry, sorry, sorry!