Ouija (2014) Director: Stiles White (15)

Released for Halloween 2014, Ouija is a real snorefest. With no character development, rubbish scares and a terrible plot, it’s no surprise that the film was subject to heavy reshoots due to poor initial test screenings. It didn’t get any better folks.
We open with two little girls – Laine and Debbie – playing with a Ouija board and then later meet them as sassy young adults. It turns out Debbie (Shelley Hennig) still likes playing, but there’s something scary communicating with her and it kills her. Laine (Olivia Cooke) smells a rat behind her sudden death and uses the Ouija board, with their group of friends, to contact Debbie to find out what happened to her. They end up contacting the BAD THING instead, and one by one it comes after them.
Being a 15 cert limits its scares, but there’s nothing here for horror fans. You don’t care about the group of friends, and you certainly don’t care about the entity’s reveal as the back story comes out. There’s no real sense of threat and Ouija feels messily put together, released to make a buck for the Halloween audience. It did just that, and a sequel’s in the pipeline for 2016 release – again for the October spooky season.
There are a couple of nods which are fun to spot though – look out for The Blair Witch Project and Suspiria influences.
Weirdly, Ouija is also a film adaptation of a toy property from Hasbro. Did you know they own the Ouija board commercial trademark?
1/5 don't floss after playing with your Ouija