Dracula Untold (2014) Director: Gary Shore (15)

Although relatively tame in gore stakes, Dracula Untold’s actually a pretty neat film mainly due to Luke Evans being able to carry it off as the chompy teethed one. It’s an origins story, where we find out how Dracula got his bite and casts Vlad the Impaler as a hero. Yeah, forget about the impaling bit – he only does it because he has to.
Vlad is the Prince of Transylvania, taken hostage by the Ottoman Empire as a child where he was trained to be the Impaler. He returned to his kingdom to rule in peace, but Dominic Cooper’s Ottoman Sultan has beef against him. With a war coming, Vlad seeks the help of a cave-dwelling vampire (Charles Dance, being all Voldemort) to help him defeat the Sultan’s army; he has to drink the vampire’s blood to become all super strong but must resist the overwhelming urge to drink blood himself. If he does, he’ll be turned forever into a vampire. It’s not a spoiler to say, WHOOPS.
The special effects are impressive, especially the use of bat tornadoes. Bat tornadoes are awesome! Untold is pleasantly better than it should be, and has the action and a compelling story to keep interest. Cooper’s Sultan is a little OTT and hammy, but Evans has enough clout in his lead to be a respectable addition to the legend of Dracula.
3/5 tooth picks