Sightseers (2012) Director: Ben Wheatley (15)

Sightseers is a beautiful black comedy directed by critically acclaimed Ben Wheatley, and written by Steve Oram and Alice Lowe; they play the loved-up protagonists Chris and Tina, kind of our own version of Mickey and Mallory except they're not realllllllly natural born killers. They prefer a walk around a tramway or pencil museum, followed by knocking someone off their bike or smashing their head against a rock.
Chris, a caravan fan, is taking Tina on her first holiday with a boyfriend - albeit to the horror of her mum who hasn't forgiven her daughter for the death of family dog Poppy, who accidentally jumped on some knitting needles. This is essentially a road trip movie, as the lovers tour across Derbyshire and Cumbria. The scenery is genuinely wonderful and actually works as a weird little UK tourism piece - again, if you forget the killing.
As Tina discovers, Chris gets a little angry sometimes and mainly with people who he thinks portray the qualities of a Daily Mail reader. Chris takes his frustrations out and justifies his actions, but Tina - with a penchant for stuffed strange owl-like characters - is the one to watch; she'll do anything to impress Chris, the love of her life, and to get over the memory of poor, dear Poppy.
With cracking dialogue and played wonderfully, Oram and Lowe are a dream team. Their characters are so messed up but endearing. As they go on their 'rampage' - well, a slow caravan journey - you can't help but like them. Despite everything. EVERYTHING.
And you'll want to visit that pencil musuem.
4/5 don't throw any wrappers on the floor