The Look of Love (2013) Director: Michael Winterbottom, 15

For those viewers who are after a titillating time from this biopic of Paul Raymond - the 'King of Soho' - yes, you'll get it. EVEN MORE THAN BLURRED LINES! (the uncensored version). Winterbottom's film does indeed feature plenty of boobies, but don't let this detract from what is actually a touching and sad insight into Raymond's empire of top shelf magazines and risque club nights. The Look of Love is essentially a tragedy. A tragedy with a slight whiff of Partridge.
No matter how brilliant Steve Coogan is at playing 'other' characters, he can't escape Alan Partridge. Watching him play Paul Raymond, which he does very well, you can't help but feel it's ALAN playing Paul Raymond. There's some eyebrow raising and cheeky lines in it which would go down just as well at North Norfolk Digital. The Look of Love is an enjoyable film, but even during the most sentimental parts you half expect Coogan to pop in a 'Back of the net!' or 'Kiss my face' at an inappropriate moment.
The Look of Love addresses the women in Paul's life; his wife Jean (Anna Friel), his daughter Debbie (Imogen Poots) and aspiring actress Amber St.George/aka Fiona Richmond (Tamsin Egerton). Coogan portrays Raymond as a brilliant entrepreneur and PR opportunist, but weak when it comes to women. He also turns a blind eye to his daughter's drug taking, which leads to the emotional heart of the film and uncomfortable viewing.
There's some star supporting turns from Chris Addison as Men Only's Editor Tony Power, David Walliams as Vicar Edwyn Young and James Lance as Carl Snitcher, which all add to the watchable kudos of the film.
Coogan is making positive headway at becoming a leading man - Philomena is proof - but it will take a long time for audiences to credit him as an 'actorrrrrr' in his own right. It's there, with glimpses of genius coming through in The Look of Love, especially towards the moving end of the film. It will happen - one day - and will quite probably knock our socks off. Jurassic Park!
4/5 twirling pasties