Sharknado (2013), Director: Anthony C. Ferrante, 15

Forget Man of Steel. World War Z. One Direction: This Is Us. The biggest and most hyped movie of 2013 is made-for-TV's Sharknado. Like The Human Centipede, it carries a wave of intrigue and 'really? NOOOOOOOO!' and it delivers. It truly delivers. It's sharks in a tornado!
Often, the finest films are the simplest pitches. Why overcomplicate matters? People like sharks biting things. People like natural disaster movies. Combine the two and it's winner, winner, sharky dinner!
To be fair, Sharknado shouldn't work. Let's talk about the 'special effects'. The sharks are lame. Really lame. They look like Sims 3. A nice touch is the use of real-life great white footage in a shark attack scene; it stands out like a sore thumb (QUALITY SHARK) compared to the rest of the hammery. Limbs are ripped off, people are gobbled up, a girl falls into a shark's mouth from a helicopter. THIS IS AWESOME.
The acting - it's alright. Beverly Hills 90210's Ian Ziering gives the performance of his illustrious acting career as protagonist Fin, who sets out to rescue his estranged wife April (Tara Reid) and children from the shark arseholes. Cue some very amusing scenes where they're driving through LA in shark-infested water, all of which seems to be inspired from THAT fake Hurricane Katrina photograph.
Tara Reid - ahhhhhhh sweet Tara. She doesn't seem to have a clue what she's doing in this movie, and her run away from the sharks is LOL. But she is good quality and adds to the cult status of the film. Let's hope she's back for Sharknado 2: Return of the Sharknado.
It's quite a long film for such a simple premise. You may feel guilty for watching. It's time you won't get back. But enjoy it for what it is and you'll have a whale of a time - NO! - a SHARK of a time! The last 20 minutes pay-off soooooo good - it's utter carnage, but the pleasure you will get from seeing a man chainsaw his way out of a shark's belly is one of the best HOORAY moments of the year. Beat that Superman.
(P.S none of this film makes any sense)
4/5 really guilty kudos nods