Stripes (1981) Director: Ivan Reitman

There is something very comforting about an old Bill Murray film, and especially one that is so un-PC. Stripes is an absolute riot, and features lots of casual racism and breasts. Weren't the 80s great?! Seriously though, these were different times but the humour still stands up today. In the 80s, you couldn't touch Bill Murray, and there's also some fine performances from Harold Ramis and John Candy. Candy's mud wrestling scene alone is why you should watch this film, as he tackles a group of bikini-clad women.

Murray plays John Winger, a complete lazy arse who loses his hot girlfriend, his job and his house. He persuades his friend Russell (Ramis) to join the Army with him and all manner of jovial pranks ensue. It's a bit like Police Academy in the Army, although that movie actually came out three years after Stripes - they're very much of the same ilk though. You even get the spying on the ladies' shower block. You know how it is.

In a sense, Stripes is also quite lazy - it rolls on and provides the laughs, but nothing much happens. There's a slightly odd third act skit which focuses on John and Russell's platoon being chosen to represent the US Army in Italy which brings 'action' to the film - albeit a few bangs and a tiny explosion - as John and Russell go into Czechoslovakia to rescue their colleagues, but it may have been better set completely in America and providing a few more pratfalls and charismatic banter from Murray. However, don't let this stop you from watching what is a truly seminal and well respected 80s comedy - it's fun, it's idiotic and it's very LOL.