Youth in Revolt (2009) Director: Miguel Arteta

Youth in Revolt is a delightfully quirky indie film starring the indie girl's heartthrob Michael Cera as Nick Twisp, a virgin who creates an alter-ego - 'Francois Dillinger' - so he can rebel, be cool and win the girl of his dreams. It's a very cute and funny film with Cera doing what he does best - being, err, cute...and funny. We also get some heavyweight indie faves; Steve Buscemi as Nick's Dad, Ray Liotta popping up as a local cop and Zach Galifianakis as Mom's trailer trash boyfriend Jerry.

What is lovely about the film is that it just flows naturally - you're not too sure of where it's going but your eye is not on the clock and you want to follow Nick's journey. Does he get the girl? What naughty escapade will Francois make him do next? Essentially it's a road movie as we follow Nick travelling to the trailer park with Jerry and Mom, next he's kicked out of home so goes to live with his father, he then travels to Santa Cruz to visit Sheeni (girl of his dreams) at boarding school, etc... etc... There's some genuinely laugh out loud moments, the result of a great little script by Gustin Nash.

Mixed in with the action are some sweet pieces of animation...the end credits tell the rest of the story in a very quaint manner. Will everything be okay in the end? The credits reveal all.

Cera should also play 'Francois' characters more often...we want to see the dark side!