A Serbian Film - when is 'too much', too much?

I consider myself broad-minded...liberal...intelligent...cultural...a film buff some may even say...so I'm not quite sure how I feel about Srđan Spasojević's already infamous A Serbian Film. This is a film that features the rape of a newborn baby. A man decapitates a woman and has sex with her twitching corpse. A woman is suffocated by a penis. The lead character even rapes his own son. It's abhorrent. Depraved. Disgusting. Sickening. Perverse. And should it be on celluloid?

My personal view is that you cannot judge a film until you have watched it. As a film blogger, I feel it is my duty to watch it and report back on it to you. So, maybe I will, but I won't proactively seek this out to review it for you. I thought as being so strong to say that I would boycott A Serbian Film but I would not be doing what I set out to do; to review any films that I encounter - not just new releases, but anything.

One reviewer summed it up well by saying 'I watched it so you don't have to'. Whatever Spasojević's intentions - a representation of Serbian atrocities...'art'...'torture porn'...good God, even 'entertainment' - he's got people talking (and puking). Who would want to watch this?! But, is he actually more 'pure' as he dares us to watch, rather than the run-of-the-mill slasher crap that we absorb like blood hungry zombies. We get slice and dice in, say, My Bloody Valentine 3D or Saw 3D, perhaps Spasojević is the 'cleverer' director by making us question everything that is put in front of us here. Some say that the acting is even, shock, good.

If you're over 18, it's time for you to make your mind up. By the way, this trailer is NOT office friendly at all.