Saw 3D

I've been pretty let down by recent horror movies made for 3D. They tend to lack on plot and suspense and go straight for out and out gore just flying out of the screen. Not that I mind viscera, I'm a horror/gore fan, but they seem to be dumbing down for audiences and just out there to make a buck - see My Bloody Valentine and the latest Final Destination. I have high hopes for Saw 3D, the latest and allegedly the last in the franchise; the trailer is promising and hopefully there'll be some f**ked up traps and death scenarios. Chester from Linkin' Park also seems to be making an appearance and the public trap scenario looks particularly disturbing. Saw has always been a clever franchise and a cut above the standard horror fodder so let's hope they don't screw it up for 3D.

What would be really hilarious is to go back to 'ye olden days' of horror film promotion. This could be a global campaign - in the first screenings across the world, actually put some traps into select cinemas. So you're watching the movie and BANG, a trap pins you into you seat. That would be so cool!