The Hangover (2009) Director: Todd Phillips

The Hangover is a gem of a film; a great script and a plot that delivers in every way. It's really simple - four guys go to Vegas for a stag do. They wake up the next morning with their hotel room in carnage, a baby in the wardrobe, a tiger in the bathroom and the groom has gone missing, with no recollection of the night before. They then set about putting together the missing hours to find out what happened and to track down the groom.

This film sits beautifully if you've ever been to Vegas (yes) or on a stag do (no)...or perhaps you've ever got so drunk, you can't remember the night before - only by photographic evidence that then surfaces (no comment). It's a scenario that many will appreciate and the hilarity sits in the great character development of the four leads, who work so well together, and the antics they get up to.

Standout is Zach Galifianakis as strange brother-in-law Alan, a man who is fond of peeing on or into things and kissing dogs. The scenes where their missing drunken hours are recounted are hilarious, especially Bradley Cooper trying to hump Mike Tyson's tiger. Did I mention Mike Tyson? Utterly inspired. You'll love his scenes too.

The leads are endearing and the ending gives payback. Stick around for the credits when you get a very funny 'reveal'. It rather reminded me of Vicky's hen night in Swansea.